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The beat track for recording your #AsthmaRapChallenge track, brought to you by our partners at Key Changes*, and a five-step guide to entering the competition

This September, as part of the NHS in London’s #AskAboutAsthma campaign, young Londoners can take part in the #AsthmaRapChallenge that aims to get children and young people thinking and being creative while raising awareness about asthma.

How to enter the competition

1. Download the beat track you will us this to record your vocals to.

2. Create some lyrics that highlight asthma. For example, if you have asthma how does it make you feel? Or if you have family or friends that have asthma what do you think about that?

(Need inspiration? Visit NHS Go for info about asthma:

3. Make a video of yourself rapping to the track with your lyrics. You can do this with a phone, computer, tablet, anything that records with a microphone.

4. Upload your video to your favourite social media channel, ie Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and make sure you use #AsthmaRapChallenge in your description.

5. Submit the link to your video on #AsthmaRapChallenge competition page:

(Submissions take up to 24 hours to go live)


*Acknowledgements: Music produced by Key Changes (composed and performed by young London artists: Jasper and Kitty Got Claws).