Transformation Partners in Health and Care > Resources > Asthma care for children and young people: 12 April 2016

A presentation to the Royal College of Nursing and Royal Pharmaceutical Society about why and how we need to transform London’s asthma care for children and young people.

  • Background to Healthy London Partnership transformation programme
  • Why is a collaborative approach to transforming asthma services needed?
  • What we have done so far – asthma standards for London
  • Pharmacy programme and asthma campaign
  • Results
  • Next steps

Presented on 12 April 2016 by: Sara Nelson, Programme Lead for Children and Young People’s Asthma, Healthy London Partnership’s (RGN, MSc, QN) and Donal Markey, Pharmacy Advisor, Healthy London Partnership and NHS England (MRPharms, MPH)