Personalised Care Team

Our vision is for all Londoners to be more actively involved in their health and wellbeing and make decisions based on ‘what matters’ to them and what they really need. Personalised care means people have choice and control over the way their care is planned and delivered. 

Our work

Our current focus is to: 

  • Embed and expand Social Prescribing, Care Coordination and Health and Wellbeing Coaching provision in primary care networks (PCNs) across London. This will enable GPs, nurses, and other professionals to refer people to a range of local, non-clinical services to support their health and wellbeing.  
  • Lead in convening key strategic partners to enable the delivery of the ambitions set out in the NHS Long Term Plan for every local neighbourhood to have good quality social prescribing provision. 
  • Support all of London’s Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) in developing a Social Prescribing Strategy as an enabler to support in COVID recovery and tackling health inequalities. 
  • Guide PCNs and ICSs to take population health approaches to designing, targeting and evaluating the impact of social prescribing on health inequalities. 
  • Coordinate the NHS London Social Prescribing Network and provide learning opportunities and support to the 400+ SPLW based in PCNs across the capital.   
  • Promote the benefits and impact of Social Prescribing and the link worker role through communications and engagement including a monthly newsletter, animations, films, events and our twitter channel @SP_LDN.  
  • Host a range of events to bring partners together on different topics and to share best practice where it is happening in London, all of which supports the wider development of Social Prescribing.  
  • Innovate in Social Prescribing within primary care and beyond, for example, to develop models of Social Prescribing for Children and Young People, increase specialisms in Social Prescribing, and testing models of collaborative commissioning.  
  • Support PCNs to embed the wider personalised care workforce including Health and Wellbeing Coaches and Care Coordinators. 

Our Team 

Bylan Shah – Personalised Care Lead

Bylan leads HLPs personalised care programme having gained extensive experience in service improvement, strategy, analytics, and programme management. He is passionate about how the health service can work with wider partners to improve outcomes for Londoners regardless of socio-economic status. 

Since joining HLP from NHS England in 2016, Bylan has led work on primary care workforce transformation, benefits realisation and the development of social prescribing across London. 

His passion for supporting those at most risk of poor health outcomes stemmed from early work in Westminster supporting the setup of a refugee support service and subsequently working for a large Mental Health Trust in service improvement for CAMHS Services and supporting the development of one of the country’s first recovery and wellbeing colleges, co-led and delivered by service users with lived experience of mental health conditions. 

Dr Katie Coleman, Clinical Director – Community Based Prevention

Katie is a GP and clinical leader who brings her passion for improving patient experience and empowering people to be more proactively involved in their own care, as well as her understanding of health and care systems, processes and the workforce to advise the TPHC team one day per week. She has a long history as a GP and a clinical commissioner, and has overseen a diverse portfolio including Personalised care, Community led prevention, Primary Care and Integrated care.

Trudy Renyolds, Senior Project Lead

Trudy is working with the team on multiple projects and has extensive experience of personalised care and delivering change at both Integrated Care System (ICS), regional and national level. Her specific focus is supporting the roll out of social prescribing in secondary care. She is passionate about including the voice of people with lived experience in co-designing new service models and supporting the integration of statutory and non-statutory organisations working in true partnership to deliver services.

Beth Medforth, Workforce and System Transformation Lead

Beth leads on multiple projects in the team, with a specific focus on our system support workstream, supporting the expansion of personalised care roles into secondary care settings, mapping the social prescribing landscape in London, and empowering patient voices. Beth has a background working on transformation projects, with a particular focus on health inequalities, within Primary Care and NHS community providers. She is passionate about supporting the personalised care workforce and integrating community-led prevention models into the healthcare system. Beth also enjoys working with individuals who have lived experience to enhance access, experience, and outcomes.

Sandi Bhangu, Project Manager

Sandi leads multiple projects in the team and has a specific focus on supporting investment into the VCSFE sector and embedding preventative models of care. This includes supporting the roll out of the community chest programme across London, scaling up social welfare advice provision and children and young people’s social prescribing. Sandi comes from a background within the civil service and has experience of working as a policy officer across a number of government departments including the Department of Health and Social Care and Department for Education. She is passionate about supporting true partnership working across statutory and non-statutory organisations.

Dan Hopewell – Advisor to the team 

Dan is the Director of Knowledge and Innovation at the Bromley-by-Bow Health and has worked at the Bromley by Bow Centre for over 22 years in a range of roles.  The Centre, which is in one of the most deprived areas of London, was founded in 1984 and developed the first Healthy Living Centre in the UK in 1997, bringing together a community hub with primary care. As the Director of Services, Dan supported the growth of the social prescribing programme and the development of the link worker role. In addition to his role at Bromley-by-Bow, Dan forms part of the Transformation Partners in Health and Care team supporting the development of social prescribing and social models of health.  Dan’s vision of social prescribing is one that is grounded in community development practice that addresses the inequalities in communities and as faced by the people who live in them.

Jaimee Lewis, Strategic Communications Advisor

Jaimee advises on strategic approaches to communication, bringing her experience of leading and delivering campaigns to support the introduction and roll out of personalised care in England’s health and care system. She has worked on this agenda since the individual budgets pilot project in 2005, and seen it through to its inclusion in legislation in the Care Act 2014 and subsequent adoption as mainstream NHS policy 2019. She also brings her passion for disability rights, independent living and person-centred system transformation to the role, having co-authored several books on these subjects.