Development offer for peer support

  • Every Social Prescribing Link Worker, Care Coordinator and Health and Wellbeing Coach should have access to peer support as a way to connect with others in their role and have a space to share learning and challenges. 
  • This is outlined in both the PCN DES specification and NHSE Workforce Development Frameworks for each role. 
  • We have developed an offer to support boroughs or ICSs to deliver peer support for their local personalised care workforce. We can help local areas to: 
    • Identify who can deliver peer support in your local area 
    • Share some ways peer support has worked well and support you to think about what would work well for your local area 
    • Co-develop a peer support offer for your local area 
    • Co-facilitate your initial peer support session 


  • If you would like help in developing your peer support offer for the personalised care roles, please contact us 
  • We can also share mapping of what peer support is happening for Social Prescribing Link Workers in your local area.