More about the 2023/34 Patient Voices programme

Information for those thinking about patient engagement across healthcare or social prescribing services

The Patient Voices for Social Prescribing programme was an opportunity for people with lived experience of social prescribing to share their experiences, build skills and confidence in telling their story and explore opportunities to help improve social prescribing services in London.  

The storytelling training was led by Debs Teale, an independent consultant and facilitator in the field of mental health and associated services. Debs has extensive experience in public speaking and training on social prescribing, peer leadership and empowering patient voice through effective storytelling.
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  • We are missing powerful, important and influential patient voices which can help to shape Social Prescribing services and advocate for its impact
  • There is a gap for more Social Prescribing lived experience or advocation roles or involvement across the system to share lived experiences

Through developing skills in storytelling, communication and confidence-building, the programme aimed to:

  • Empower and amplify patient voices in social prescribing, providing a platform to have their voices heard
  • Support people with lived experience of social prescribing, identifying opportunities to share experiences and advocate for the impact of social prescribing
  • Demonstrate the extensive impacts of social prescribing across a range of health & social care settings
  • Enable patients to be involved in service design, to help improve services, leading to better outcomes, access and experience.
  • Hear my story – Four storytelling training sessions led by Debs Teale, an independent consultant and facilitator using her lived experience to influence and inspire change.
  • A kick-off session – To meet peers on the programme, learn more about social prescribing in London and what to expect from the programme.
  • Opportunity to develop and share Your Story – Case studies are people’s stories, which can be told in such a way to educate, learn, improve and promote social prescribing. We are working with participants to help share their story, in the form of a written or video, case study, which will make up a library of Patient Voices for Social Prescribing.
  • Exposure to further lived experience roles/opportunities – We are working with and supporting participants to explore different roles or opportunities, using their experience to share and promote the benefits of social prescribing. As well as shaping or improving social prescribing services.


  • Participants had experienced social prescribing or similar support. We welcomed a mix of people from all walks of society and backgrounds, and those who have had both positive and negative experiences of social prescribing.
  • Participants were keen to develop their skills and build confidence, particularly in storytelling, presentation and communication
  • Participants were passionate and driven to share their story to help others in similar situations and improve services
  • Participants were interested to explore roles or opportunities using their experience to give back to social prescribing or similar services.


  • Participants could commit to all of the session times and attend in person where specified above. The sessions were designed to be a confidential space for participants and as such were not recorded.
  • Participants understand that outcomes of the programme will be shared publicly across London and via social media, which could include a case study of their story should they wish to develop this.
  • Participants were prepared to bring their authentic experience to the sessions and support others to do the same.


Participants were expected to attend all four core storytelling sessions and join in person where listed below. Travel expenses were reimbursed, and lunch was provided for the in person sessions. Participants received a £20 voucher per session as a thank you for their time and involvement.
Sessions were not recorded.

Hear my story: core storytelling trainingAdditional support sessions
Friday 24th November 2023
In person
Lunch provided & travel expenses reimbursed  
Wednesday 15th November 2023
Kick-off session
Friday 1st December 2023
Friday 5th January 2024 
Social Prescribing in London: how Social Prescribing and personalised care are working at local borough level 
10:00-11:00 online 
Friday 8th December 2023
Friday 12th January 2024 
Advocacy and Activism: how to maximise the reach of your message to get people on board 
10:00-11:00 online 
Friday 15th December  2023
In person
Lunch provided & travel expenses reimbursed
Case study development  
Adhoc sessions in January with participants who wish to develop a case study of their story