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Personalised care newsletter

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Sign up to receive a monthly newsletter and regular bulletins from Lianna Martin, Regional Learning Coordinator. It includes updates on social prescribing across the capital, as well as a range of blogs and resources for Social Prescribing Link Workers – and please share with new SPLWs too. If you have not received the Newsletter via email please check your SPAM folder and email 

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We would love to hear more from you and welcome contributions for future editions of our newsletter.  Tell us any stories you’d like to share or what would you like to see more of each month.

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Want to know what you can expect to hear from us?  We’ve made it easy for you to access all the previous editions of our newsletter, follow the link below.

Personalised care NHS Futures area

The personalised care NHS Futures area is for London-based social prescribing link workers, service managers and other staff related to social prescribing in London. Here you can find information relating to Social Prescribing activities in London, details of your Regional Learning Coordinator and Regional Facilitator, local SP events, and join in with discussions and ask questions.

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London Plus

London Plus run the London Social Prescribing Network which provides access to great networking and learning opportunities. It’s free to become a member, and you’ll also be sent their informative newsletter.

Social Prescribing Network

The Social Prescribing Network is made up of VCSE representatives, health professionals, link workers, researchers, commissioners & more working to share knowledge & best practice. Their monthly newsletter includes advice, training and news on social prescribing.

NHS England

Through the NHS Futures platform, NHSE provides fortnightly updates which includes details of NHS social prescribing initiatives, upcoming events and the latest resources. You will need to sign up to an NHS Futures account to access the content.

SPLW temperature check 

 It would great to know, each month, how you are all feeling in relation to different areas of your work.  We have designed a quick 1 min survey andwould LOVE if you could complete this anonymised form. 

We will publish the results from this in next months newsletter, following the same each month. This will also be a HUGELY useful tool in our wider conversations with the system around what matters to you.