Mpox Checklist for Supported Isolation

  • Clinical Safety and monitoring: All residents who are confirmed cases need supported isolation. Wherever practically possible local staff teams should ensure that patients have their own phone for the duration of isolation. Contact 111 if resident or staff are concerned about worsening symptoms. Residents require welfare checks by local frontline teams alongside regular delivery of food, fluids and other essentials to their rooms.
  • Addiction management and support: Contact local drug service providers to support the client wherever possible. The Homeless Hotel Drug & Alcohol Support Service (HDAS-London) has established a ‘cross-sector provider network’ and programme of support services across London to help support people experiencing homelessness who have specific substance use related health issues. Staff teams should refer any person who needs specialist addictions support to Tel: 020 8066 3738
  • Mental health support: Contact local teams for support, especially if the client is already engaged with a local mental health team. Frontline staff and residents who need crisis guidance should call 111 and ask for the local mental health crisis line. Mental health resources are available on the Healthy London Partnership Homeless Health Covid-19 Response Resources.
  • Smoking: HDAS-London will provide advice about smoking and support to people who want to switch from smoking to a nicotine replacement product. Some residents who need to self-isolate will want to smoke and should be given a supply of surgical face masks and supported to safely exit and enter the building to a designated outside area where they can socially distance.
  • Well-being: Isolation can be extremely stressful and lonely. Local staff teams are highly skilled in supporting residents’ well-being. Residents should have access to a mobile phone to contact staff family and friends. TV and internet access should be provided wherever possible to help alleviate boredom. Homeless Link has produced an excellent resource that brings together ideas and materials that can help support residents who are self-isolating.
  • Refusal to isolate: Staff should contact local Public Health teams and the London Coronavirus Response Cell Telephone: 0300 303 0450 or email: