‘My right to access healthcare’ cards

In partnership with Healthwatch London and Groundswell, we have produced ‘My right to access healthcare’ cards to help homeless adults register and receive treatment at GP practices.


People who are homeless have told us that strict access requirements – such as being asked to provide proof of address and ID – are a key barrier to them accessing primary health care in GP practices.

About ‘My right to access healthcare’ cards

Since December 2016, 60,000 cards have been delivered to shelters, day centres, food banks, drop in centres and other organisations across London.

The cards are designed to be carried by homeless adults. This includes people who:

  • sleep rough
  • live in hostels
  • sleep on family and friend’s sofas
  • or who are chronically insecurely housed.

The cards can be used to remind GP receptionists and other practice staff of the national patient registration guidance from NHS England. It states that:

  • people do not need a fixed address or identification to register or access treatment at GP practices
  • where necessary, the practice can use its address to register the patient.

Can we print the cards?

Organisations in London may wish to print their own copies of the cards. We welcome other areas adapting the cards for local use. Please remember that if you are going to use any organisation’s logo you will need to get their agreement to reproduce it.

See the print-ready healthcare cards files and guidelines.

If you would like to know more about the cards and how to share them, please email Groundswell.