Post vaccination promotion

There is some concern that people attending appointments for their vaccinations, are not continuing to use ‘hands, face, space’ messaging after receiving their first dose.

To drive this important messaging home, a short animation has been produced, to run on a loop in waiting areas of vaccination sites, along with posters.

Download the instruction guide, video and poster toolkit.

Covid 19 vaccination centre toolkit

How to use the toolkit

Audience: Members of the public and health and social care workers who have had or about to have the vaccine.

Who should use the materials: Site Leads at vaccination sites. Local Authorities, wider health professional bodies and other organisations supporting vaccine efforts.

How to use the animation and posters
Animation video

To be played at vaccination sites (hospital hubs, vaccination centres, local vaccination services), where possible, on a loop. The video is subtitled so can be played on mute if that is most suitable for a specific site.

Site Leads to work with onsite Communications team to play animation for public viewing, ideally in the post-vaccination observation area where people wait for 15 minutes before leaving a site.

Other organisations can also promote the videos at their local sites and on social media channels.

There are 16 translated versions available. You can download the most appropriate community language and promote these through local channels, including on social media.

All videos are on YouTube, for ease of access by the public, which you can also promote for broader coverage of community languages as required –

What should we do after the COVID-19 vaccine?

2 x Sets of Posters

There are two sets of posters complementing the animation message. Posters are to be displayed at vaccination sites and other appropriate settings for people to scan the QR code which leads them to the YouTube channel above.

Set one – Even though you’ve had the vaccine, you could still catch and spread Covid-19.

Set two – It is very important that you return for your second dose when called.

Posters are in colour, available in high and low resolutions, A4 and A3 formats including empty belly.