Engagement and building vaccine trust

Groundswell and Find & Treat team webinar

This webinar was held on December 24 2021 to share tips on supporting people who are experiencing homelessness with the Covid-19 vaccine. Presentations were shared by Steven Platts – Chief Executive of Groundswell and Dr Binta Sultan – Consultant Physician in Inclusion Health at UCLH.

Doctors of the world COVID-19 resources

Groundswell resources

  • See Covid-19 vaccine page for resources produced by Groundswell. Selected resources can be printed and distributed to services using this order form.
  • Groundswell rapid research findings on COVID-19 vaccines and testing: summary of rapid research conducted in July 2021 findings on people’s experiences of accessing COVID-19 tests and vaccines and what’s working best so far are shared.
  • Youth vaccine campaign – May 2021: information campaign to encourage uptake of the COVID-19 vaccine among young people experiencing homelessness co-produced by Groundswell and St Basils young people charity:

Homeless Link resources: