COVID-19 vaccination delivery

Community pharmacy toolkit: delivering an open access vaccination clinic

Developed jointly by Doctors of the World (DOTW), the National Pharmacy Association (NPA) and NHS England and NHS Improvement, a new toolkit has been shared which provides guidance and resources to help pharmacy teams to deliver open access Covid-19 and flu vaccination clinics this winter.

London vaccine sites directory

NHS England and NHS Improvement London quick links to local NHS webpages that list current hospital hubs, vaccination centres, pharmacies, local GP services and pop-ups offering the COVID-19 vaccine.

Information bulletin for homeless accommodation providers

Resources on managing Covid infections in hostels and other temporary accommodation settings

Homelessness and rough sleeping mobilisation support pack

Support information for vaccinating people experiencing homelessness and rough sleeping alongside, including temporary hotels and hostels for people experiencing homelessness.

Support pack

Post-vaccination promotion

There is some concern that people attending appointments for their vaccinations are not continuing to use ‘hands, face, space’ messaging after receiving their first dose.

To drive this important messaging home, a short animation has been produced, to run on a loop in waiting areas of vaccination sites, along with posters.

Post-vaccination promotional materials resources