News story: Encourage Care Homes to sign up to NHSmail

Care homes can now get access to NHSmail

Care homes across London can get access to an NHS email account, making it easier to collaborate with the social care sector.

As the demand for cross-sector care continues to grow, a reliable and secure communication system is essential for sending and receiving confidential patient information. More than half-a-million staff already use NHSmail on a daily basis in England and Scotland to help them deliver better patient care.User numbers are growing at a rate of more than 10 per cent each year, as more organisations choose NHSmail as their preferred email service

NHSmail does everything that you would expect a modern business email system to do and is approved to be used to share confidential health and care information.

Staff can share calendars and folders with any other users on NHSmail, even if they’re in different organisations. You can look up the contact details of more than one million NHS and business partner staff on the NHS Directory. You can access NHSmail from all common smartphones, tablets, home and workplace computers, wherever you are in the world.

Staff have been using secure email accounts where they may have previously made a phone call.

“I used my NHSmail account to email our GP and find out how to obtain a death certificate. It was easy to message the GP and reply at a convenient time” Allan Gentle- Rudio, Nurse, Mornington Hall Care Home

“When residents return to the home without a discharge summary, I’ve been able to call the hospital and have it emailed to me on the same day” Joanne Robin-Coker, Home Manager, Mornington Hall

“Sometimes we have residents join us with very limited information on their medical history. I am now able to contact their previous GP surgery and have the doctor  email me the information we need” Aries Castillo, Nurse, Belmont House

Sign up to NHSmail so we can work better together.


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