Accelerated improvement

In London, we want to enable the best urgent and emergency care for our citizens. This commitment extends across the whole pathway of urgent and emergency care, from helping people to remain at home when they experience a health crisis, to helping them to avoid unnecessary hospital stays, to move through any necessary hospital stay as quickly as possible, coming home as soon as it is safe to do so – and then staying home.

The Accelerated Improvement Programme’s focuses on supporting London to improve patient flow. At an organisational level this means helping hospital sites with new interventions. At a system level it gives strategic support to sustainability and transformation partnerships. The programme covers local authorities, acute, community and mental health care.


What we do


Our focus

We will specifically tackle challenges around:

  • Preventing urgent hospital admissions by having more effective primary and community care.
  • Supporting acute and community care to use effective models of care for quick and safe discharge of hospital patients– for example, using ‘discharge to assess’ in acute care, and supporting care homes to ensure their residents stay well.


We aim to:

  • Significantly improve patient flow in London.
  • Prevent non-elective hospital admissions.
  • Support community services to keep people well and out of hospital.
  • Disseminate knowledge and best practice across different parts of London’s health and care system.
  • Support and work with organisations that manage patient flow to interpret their local data.
  • Help inform commissioning intentions and policy developments.