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Personalised Stratified Follow Up (PSFU) provides supported self‐management pathways with remote surveillance for patients assessed as ‘low risk’ who have completed their cancer treatment. PSFU has been a national priority since the launch of the NHS Plan in 2019 and the recently published 2022/23 planning guidance now includes specific timescales for the roll out of PSFU in six tumour types:

• breast, prostate, colorectal and one other cancer implemented by the end of the first quarter of 2022/23;
• two further cancers (one of which should be endometrial cancer) implemented by March 2023

This means that PSFU protocols and digital remote monitoring systems (an essential part of PSFU to provide safety netting and remote surveillance) must be fully operational by the stated timeframes.
The 22/23 guidance makes a clear link between the delivery of PSFU, the wider elective recovery plan and Patient Initiated Follow Up (PIFU) with an expected minimum 25% reduction in outpatient follow-up appointments resulting from these initiatives. Increased scrutiny of PSFU implementation is anticipated over the coming 12 months to track progress with the roll out.

TCST has been working with the London Cancer Alliances and the National Living with and Beyond Cancer Team to help support the delivery of these objectives as well as to understand the operational challenges involved and how these can be overcome.
Further work to support PSFU at a regional level will form part of the Personalised Cancer Care workplan for 22/23.