Appendix 2 – You said, we did

Insights from stakeholders around key challenges.

Over the course of nine months, frequent challenges we encountered when supporting and advising PCNs and workforce leads include:

  1. Recruitment, retention and support- where to recruit, who to recruit, competencies, minimum standards and regulation, retention and career progression.
  2. Working in systems at multiple levels across practice, PCN, ICS, neighbourhood level, community organisation- ways of working, partnership and leadership, co-production, referral pathways, community development.
  3. Workload and wellbeing- supporting PCN CDs/managers with queries on contract, funding and targets, and supporting the personalised care workforce on queries around supervision, caseload, risk escalation/safety, wellbeing initiatives and support networks.
  4. Identifying unmet need- identifying underserved and at-risk cohorts, methods of engagement, accessing data and intelligence
  5. Measuring impact and evaluation outcomes.

Three feedback sessions on co-producing the toolkit with approximately 50 participants highlighted the priorities for the toolkit:

  1. Recognising the need to highlight how personalised care is intrinsically linked to health inequalities and making the link between social determinants of health and role of primary care more explicit.
  2. Tips to overcome common challenges.
  3. Practical tools- use of checklists, case studies, “how to tips”.
  4. Resources for further training, links to policies and workforce and implementation guidance all in one place for quick access.
  5. Learn from examples and good practice in the system and suggestions for innovative ways of using the personalised care roles to address health inequalities.