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The national Cancer Quality of Life survey in England was launched in response to the NHS Long Term Plan commitment to introduce an innovative Quality of Life metric to track and respond to the long-term impact of cancer.
After a process of piloting and refining the methodology, the survey was launched in September 2020 to people with a diagnosis of breast, colorectal or prostate cancer – people are invited to participate 18 months after receiving a cancer diagnosis.

From July 2021, 10% of people with other cancer types have been invited 18 months post diagnosis, this expanded to all people with a diagnosis of cancer in October 2021. Once fully rolled out, over 200,000 people each year will be invited to complete the survey. The Cancer Quality of Life Survey is world leading, routinely measuring Quality of Life outcomes to help improve care and outcomes for people diagnosed with cancer.

The London Personalised Care for Cancer Partnership Board and the London Personalised Cancer Care Health Inequalities Steering group will be focusing on Quality of Life as a priority area for 22/23.

Aiming to address the following:
1) Increasing uptake in under-represented groups across London
2) Using regional data for London to track survey uptake and outcomes
3) Raising the profile of QoL and using the data to influence the priorities in London in relation to cancer psychosocial support, cancer rehabilitation and services addressing the consequences of cancer and its treatment.
4) Engaging with patients to understand the impact of the QoL survey and how they can use the outputs to obtain the services/support they need.

For more details and information about the Survey, visit the NHS website.  

Access the data from the Quality of Life Survey.

If you would like anymore information on the survey or to discuss ways to improve response rates in London, please contact –