Transformation Partners in Health and Care > News > National Primary Care (Personalised Cancer Care) online discussion group: 20 June 2023

As part of the TCST series of educational programmes and events, we’ll be hosting our next online National Primary Care discussion group on personalised cancer care on 20 June.

The group is an opportunity for anyone with an interest in personalised cancer care and the role of primary care to come together and discuss key topics and share learnings and expertise.

This time, we’ll be joined by:

Julie Cracknell, Personalised Care (cancer) Nurse Facilitator from Swindon Primary Care, who’ll be talking through a local collaborative project in the south west that successfully embedded personalised cancer care into the primary care setting.


Pam Kay, Cancer Care Practice Nurse, and Pam Campbell, Nurse Consultant (Specialist Advisor) from Wessex Cancer Alliance, who’ll be talking us through the Cancer Care Review mentorship programme for practice nurses and the Right by You project, a service joint funded by Wessex Cancer Alliance and Macmillan Cancer Support, which is being piloted in two sites in the Wessex region.
Register for the event here.