Transformation Partners in Health and Care > News > Launch of the London Cancer Community of Practice for primary care 2023

The Cancer Community of Practice (CoP) has been developed through a pan-London cancer education programme for primary care and community nurses in 2022/23; the Cancer in the Community programme. This programme was delivered by Central London Community Health Learning Academy (CLCH) in partnership with Transforming Cancer Services and Health Education England.

The CoP aims to bring together primary care and community nurses and AHPs who have engaged in the Cancer in the Community Programme or have attended Macmillan’s Practice Nurse course or engaged in RM Partner’s Red Whale Education in west London boroughs. It provides opportunities for shared learning and networking and to discuss new ideas to improve care and support across the cancer pathway.

The CoP launched at a face-to-face meeting on 21 February at the CLCH Learning Academy in Soho.

An exciting programme of events is planned for 2023 with a blend of face to face and online activities.

For further information about the CoP, please email