Local Authorities

Through the creation of Integrated Care Systems, many health providers are working more closely with local authorities. We have found a few examples of how IAPT services have developed mutually beneficial relationships.

Tower Hamlets

Use councils for publicising IAPT services, and link in with local public health campaigns run by the local authority – for example re: providing refurbished laptops to patients, to increase digital access.


Have developed strong relationships with the local authority (London Borough of Newham), which has provided lots of free spaces for Newham IAPT to provide group based interventions, such as the Olympic Park and various community centres.

Have done Mental Health Awareness training with staff in councils, to help identify people who may need mental health support.


They have developed a rolling programme for staff within Bromley Healthcare, and have now expanded the offer to CCG and Council staff. The IAPT team share resources with the Council about safeguarding.

Barking & Dagenham

Are soon to be co-located with Barking & Dagenham borough council, which will support the Trust and local authority to better deliver care in the community and increase access to IAPT services.

The aim is to direct the attention away from GP healthcare settings and meet service users where they would normally access help such as employment, housing, debt advice, etc. which usually have a mental health link. Further information on the co-location can be found here.