Working with Partners

IAPT services have a long history of working in partnership with other local services – health, social care, community and voluntary sector – in order to raise awareness and deliver services that meet the needs of the local population.

This approach is supported by policy and guidance. The IAPT manual states that ‘it is good practice for IAPT services to be commissioned as part of a wider system. Working collaboratively with the wider system will facilitate a positive experience of the journey through the pathways and improve health outcomes.’ ‘Closer working with the voluntary, community and faith sectors will improve access for diverse community groups who may find it more difficult to access services via primary care, such as people from BAME communities.’

The creation of Primary Care Networks as the local focus for health care within Integrated Care Systems provides opportunities for IAPT to strengthen local relationships further. The Community Mental Health Framework is changing the way that community mental health services are delivered, and IAPT could have a role to play in discussions around pathway redesign.

The IAPT services we spoke to have all worked in partnership with other local organisations. We have included examples within each section.