Younger people (16-17 year olds)

Most IAPT services are not funded to treat people who are under 18.

Some boroughs use the charitable sector to support the 16-17 age group. These services are usually council-funded, which have often suffered funding cuts due to reductions in council funding.

However, some IAPT services do work with the 16-17 year old age group. A few examples are provided below:


Have links with Open Door, which is a local specialist therapy service for young people aged 12-20. The waiting list for this service is very long. In the past, an IAPT therapist worked there one day per week, however this has not happened recently. It can be a challenge for IAPT services to engage with this age group.


Have a fast-track link between CAMHS and IAPT for 17 year olds. The young people are put on the IAPT service waiting list when referred and the service engages with them whilst on the list, then move them on to receive psychological therapies when they are 18.


Set up their 16-17 year old service in 2014. It was initially set up in collaboration with a part of Greenwich CAMHS called the Early Intervention Team (EIT). The team is led by a clinical psychologist. The young people who access the service are over 16 but have not reached 18 at the point of referral.

The service has created a managing exam stress workshop (pre-COVID) and has developed materials for a self esteem group for 16-17 year olds (trialled online in lockdown).

For additional information please see:

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Greenwich 16 17 service specification (2014)

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Greenwich 1617 IAPT service Evaluation (2015)


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