How to use these online resources

These online resources provide a range of information to support IAPT services in addressing local needs and meeting national ambitions and standards.

How the resources are structured and intended to be used

There are a number of sections providing guidance, examples and resources, covering all the elements of IAPT Transformation. They don’t have to be read in a particular order.

If your IAPT service is interested in finding out more about any of the examples and resources, please email and we can connect you with the relevant authority.

How the resources will be developed and maintained

The resources have been developed using information provided during interviews with all of London’s IAPT services and a number of services beyond London. In addition, services have provided helpful information to share with other IAPT services, such as job descriptions.

If your IAPT service has information or resources which it would like to share, that would be helpful to other IAPT services, we can add it to these resources. Please email and we can add it.