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Organisation: North East London Integrated Care Partnership

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North East London’s Integrated Care Partnership (NEL ICP), with its richly diverse communities, serves one of the most deprived populations in the country. Health and care systems face numerous challenges including rising demand, stretched capacity, fragmented structures and widening inequalities, further impacted by varying (often poorer) health and care outcomes within and between boroughs, neighbourhoods and places.

In delivering NHS England’s Fuller recommendations, NEL ICP aims to create a new vision and strategy for integrating primary care, that will provide greater equity and improved access, experience and outcomes for residents, while securing sustainability for the future. The programme is centred around three essential offers: 

  1. Streamlining access to care and advice 
  2. Providing more proactive, personalised care with support from a multidisciplinary team of professionals, and 
  3. Helping people to stay well for longer. 

Our work

Following publication, we led the development of a Data and Metrics Framework to monitor the progress of actions taken, review the success of identified interventions, measure performance against net zero trajectories and identify priority areas for investment. The framework provided the basis for accountability at NHS Public Board.

TPHC is supporting NEL ICP in:

  • Creating a new vision and case for change for integrating primary care and  implementing  the three essential offers
  • Developing core workstreams that sit within the Fuller programme with SROs for each workstream, a distributed leadership model of delivery in alignment with work across the NEL system, collaboratives and place.

The client feedback

“It’s been great to work with the TPHC team to begin to mobilise the Fuller programme over the past four months. The team has worked collaboratively with our senior teams to enable us to take this ambitious and transformative work forward. We have strong foundations in place now and a robust programme approach. TPHC works autonomously, checks-in when needed, makes sense in ambiguity with a very collegiate approach to their work. They felt part of our team and left us with a strong set of products to continue the work. I recommend them and I’d be very happy to work with them again in the future.”

Anna Carratt- Deputy Director of strategy, planning and performance at NEL ICB

Shared vision and strategy

Governance and accountability structures

System/place input and alignment for delivery

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