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Making an impact in the health and care sector

What we do and how we do it

We understand that organisations are being asked to deliver more than ever before across health and social care, with increasingly stretched resources.

We have three distinct teams, ‘Consulting’, ‘Partnerships’ and ‘Digital Productivity’. All teams work together to co-support programmes, share expertise and devolve learning. 

As committed public sector professionals, we understand each client’s needs and share their mission of improving patient outcomes, and delivering essential transformation and improvement services, while demonstrating value for money. 

Our diverse and expert Consultancy team provides high-quality bespoke programme management and advisory services to organisations across health and social care and, increasingly, other sectors.Specialisms include digital, data and analytics, project and programme management, service/process improvement design, and strategic communications and engagement.

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Our Partnerships team is an integral part of London’s health and care system, supporting the NHS in London to tackle health inequalities and work towards making London the world’s healthiest global city, and the best global city in which to receive health and care services. We deliver work to improve Londoners’ mental health and emotional wellbeing, put an end to HIV in London, improve homeless health, deliver personalised care, and much more, working closely with partners including The Office of London Partnership.

Our Digital Productivity team combines technology and automation solutions with process and business redesign. With over seven years of experience in this field, we have been at the forefront of driving efficiency, reducing costs, and ultimately improving patient care.

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