Pabau CRM


✓ DNAs
✓ Number of appointments
✓ Type & length of appointments/contacts including clinical and non-clinical triage
✓ Staff mix by appointment & clinical condition
✓ Administration
✓ Staff leave
✓ Reattendance statistics
✓ Clinical Workflow
✓ Extended access utilisation
✓ All features can be found on

Capacity to generate reports
✓ Practice ad PCN use
✓ DES and LES schemes
✓ Extended Access
✓ CCG and other commissioners as appropriate/agreed

System level
✓ Aggregated appointment data across a region
✓ Monitor appointment access and availability across a region
✓ Track population health and distribution as well as practice growth metrics across organisations
✓ Compare regional appointment activity data against national averages
✓ Explore possibilities and effectiveness of shared workforce across Primary Care Networks
✓ Manage workforce across multiple organisations and services
✓ Highlight efficiencies that can be made via care navigation schemes

Real time data
✓ Once a day

Ease of use
✓ Intuitive and requires minimal staff training (length of training & mode of delivery)
✓ We offer daily training inclusive of our package.

Deployment support
✓ Deployment support (virtual / face to face)
✓ Ongoing customer service (24-hour helpline, dedicated support)

Demand & capacity modelling
✓ Capacity needed to meet the demand for your service & type of services
✓ Appropriate size for your waiting list in order to see patients in a timely manner

Payments & expenditure
✓ Breakdown of payments
✓ Breakdown of expenditure
✓ Identify return on investment opportunities