• DNAs
  • Number of appointments
  • Type & length of appointments/contacts including clinical and non-clinical triage
  • Triage
  • Practice Population Data Long Term Condition Prevalence Data Individual Clinician Workload Data.

Capacity to generate reports

  • Practice and PCN use,
  • DES and LES schemes
  • Extended Access
  • CQC
  • CCG and other commissioners as appropriate/agreed
  • APEX Enterprise can be used to aggregate reports and data to Primary Care Networks, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Federations, Integrated Care Systems/Partnerships, Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships and Regional Levels.
  • System level
  • Aggregated appointment data across a region
  • Monitor appointment access and availability across a region
  • Track population health and distribution as well as practice growth metrics across organisations
  • Explore possibilities and effectiveness of shared workforce across Primary Care Networks
  • Manage workforce across multiple organisations and services
  • Highlight efficiencies that can be made via care navigation schemes

Real time data

      • Once a day

Interoperability/ Integration

  • If interoperable
  • If interoperable:
  • EMIS Web Y/N
  • TPP System One Y/N
  • APEX is a standalone online application, accessed via www.edenbridgeapex.com, with data being streaming from EMIS Web via the Partner API and Data Extract systems nightly, while SystmOne feeds data through the Strategic Reporting module each night.

Ease of use

  • The standard APEX training offer from Edenbridge Healthcare includes two remote training sessions for users within each practice.
  • This can be supplemented with additional training and workshops for data optimisation and quality improvement coaching.

Deployment support

  • Deployment support (virtual / face to face)
  • Ongoing customer service (24-hour helpline, dedicated support)
  • Standard Edenbridge Healthcare deployment is completed by the Edenbridge team to guide practice staff through each stage of the process; including; – A 20-minute Remote Installation – A 90-minute Remote
  • Training and Configuration Session – A 180-minute Remote Final Training Session.
  • Throughout the licence period every organisation also has access to support from the Edenbridge central team for technical queries, a nominated account manager for training requests and the self service APEX Learning Portal and online ticketing portal, with integrated Knowledge Base.


Demand & capacity modelling

  • Capacity needed to meet the demand for your service & type of services
  • Appropriate size for your waiting list in order to see patients in a timely manner
  • The APEX Capacity Planning module allows each organisation to choose a baseline period (any one week period from the last six years) as well as allowing for adjustments to be made (either by inclusion/exclusion of unbooked slots in the baseline period, population growth – automatically calculated over time – or entered as a static figure or by application a percentage change in demand). This allows APEX to then present a full breakdown of the capacity required to meet demand based on the selections against the particular Primary Care services and the details include; appointment availability, distribution (by slots, sessions and time), Mode of Contact and individual clinician rota analysis, with the ability to plan up to six months in advance.

Payments & expenditure

  • The APEX Submissions Module allows data to be submitted to commissioners or PCNs based on either appointment data (ideal for Extended and Improved Access schemes) or coded definitions (ideal for the PCN DES/LES and local Quality Contract Submissions) with the ability to automate the submission process, including all payment details and the ability to extract an invoice for payment.