Capacity Tracker

Like many residential and community services during the pandemic, care homes need to complete daily returns documenting their capacity and business continuity information on the Capacity Tracker platform. They are also required to complete a weekly return for the Infection Control Fund.

You can find advice on how to do this, along with key local contacts who can offer support, and online resources.

Completing the capacity tracker

During the vaccination roll-out it is vitally important to find out how many staff and residents are being vaccinated. This will also help see where additional support is needed to ensure that as many staff and residents as possible can have the opportunity to be vaccinated.

To track COVID vaccinations in care homes, the below questions are now included in capacity tracker.


Guidance is available in the Capacity Tracker to help you complete the questions as accurately as possible.

For queries about the questions, please contact

For any technical/system queries please contact the Capacity Tracker team using

You may find this video on using the capacity tracker useful, there’s specific information on the vaccine at 7 mins 23 secs.


Contact Name Email Phone
Capacity Tracker Technical Support Centre 0191 691 3729
NHSEI London Capacity Tracker Regional Lead Dan Heller 07702 419201
London Support n/a
NECSU Capacity Tracker Regional Lead Jennifer Kamau 07976 703617
London ADASS Programme Manager Tristan Brice 07702 553 593


Capacity tracker online resources

In addition to the guides you can download on this page, there are also recent webinars available for: