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 Guide for London’s teachers and parents of children and young people with diabetes: pre-school, early years, primary and secondary schools.

This document is intended to enable schools to manage children and young people with diabetes effectively in a school setting. Recommendations and guidelines contained within are derived from clinical practice at University College London Hospitals, the Hillingdon Hospital and from contributions from stakeholders.

Summary of recommendations

  • „Every child with diabetes should have an Integrated Healthcare Plan (IHP)
  • Each school should have an up-to-date medical conditions policy
  • Children and young people should have appropriate supervision depending on their individual needs
  • Children aged 5 and under will need a named adult and 1:1 support in the absence of parents
  • Primary schools (6 years+) Children and Young People require support to manage their diabetes in school in line with the Children and Families Act 2014. They may need 20 plus hours tailored to the need, age, and age at diagnosis of the child
  • In secondary school the student will be largely independent but may require intermittent support.

Due for revision: July 2025