Watch a series of short films about asthma care for children and young people

The difference between asthma and wheeze in children videos

In this series, Dr Mando Watson from St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington explains the difference between asthma and wheeze in children, and explains what to do if your child has asthma or wheeze.

How to undertake spirometry video

This short animated video, produced by Lungs at Work, details how to undertake spirometry.  It is aimed particularly at patients who may have difficulty understanding the technique – maybe a language barrier, or other reasons. It is free to download and use.

Explaining asthma to children video

This fantastic video explains asthma to children, including the importance of having an asthma plan, from the team at Operation Ouch.

Sesame Street asthma rap

This fun video helps children to learn what to do to keep their asthma under control so they don’t miss out on activities.

More videos

  • Preventable is a short film written, produced and directed by young people to help and support young asthmatics and those who care for them. This version has been specially adapted for our team and can be used to help educate patients and their families and friends, or shared in school assemblies or group consultations. Help share the film by printing and displaying this downloadable A4 poster.
  • The Portuguese team of the International Primary Care Respiratory Group have also developed two videos for younger children, showing  how effective use of preventer medication can avoid asthma attacks and hospitalisation:
  • Don’t forget your inhaler as Justin Bieber might need a backing singer –
  • Tig chase don’t let asthma catch you –