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Regional London Supervision Hub for Psychological Therapies for Severe Mental Health Problems

The Transformation Care in Partners Transforming Mental Health programme team works closely with Health Education England (HEE), to identify supervision requirements of staff after their HEE funded training. Through the London Regional Supervision Hub, we are delivering supervision sessions to PT-SMHP workforce in five modalities:

  • Structured Clinical Management (SCM)
  • Mentalised Behavioural Therapy (MBT)
  • Family Intervention for psychosis (FIp)
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for psychosis (CBTp)
  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)

How we work

The Programme has commissioned three suppliers to deliver the supervision sessions. With oversight from the PT-SMHP Clinical Reference Group and NHS London team, the programme team continuously endeavours to deliver supervision session to optimal capacity. For the year 2022-23, the programme delivered supervision sessions to 179 eligible staff across London. By the end of March 2024, the programme aims to deliver supervision sessions to 250 eligible staff across London through the supervision hub.

Impact of the supervision hub

The programme has received positive feedback from participating staff and trusts and the demand has increased by 31% for the 2023-2024 compared to the previous year. Based on staff feedback, we understand that the programme has good patient outcomes and has overall raised the profile of Psychological Therapies for Severe Mental Health Problems in London.

Sustainability and scaling

This is the maiden initiative in London for a Regional Supervision Hub and it can be considered as an effective model for delivering supervision sessions on evidence based psychological therapies to staff. Keeping the current delivery model as a prototype, a long term self-sustainable hub can be developed with outsourced/insourced delivery options as per the funding availability.

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