Patient relationship manager

Our award-winning technology is changing how Londoners experience the NHS 111 service. Secure data streams to clinicians in realtime so callers get personalised advice and an all round better experience of urgent care over the phone. 

Patient relationship manager (PRM) is the technology running behind the scenes improving London’s NHS 111. It links up patients and clinicians (including out-of-hours GPs and the London Ambulance Service) with the most up-to-date data in real time. It means a better experience for all and ever increasingly integrated care for Londoners.

It is a cloud-based system that is in place  across all four London 111 providers. I It is helping London’s clinical commissioning groups comply with the national NHS England “Top 8” Integrated Urgent Care standards. We are extending the patient relationship manager system by linking with a range of organisations to support complex patients with specific local pathways, including patients with MS (NeuroResponse), dementia (, and long terms conditions (Care Information Exchange and Patients Know Best).

An academic evaluation of the Patient Relationship Manager System is underway with NELCSU and the London collaboration for leadership in applied health research and care (CLAHRCs). The evaluation will use big data linkages to understand patient journeys across 111, GP out of hours, London Ambulance Service and  emergency departments and support data driven, evidence based decisions on future urgent and emergency care commissioning models.

Award winning