Provider development

One of the key objectives of our primary care work is to deliver a clinical leadership and an emerging organisation support programme, adding value to local work and enhancing the existing ability of providers and commissioners across the capital to deliver primary care transformation.

We aim to provide key resources for all those involved in the implementation of primary care transformation, facilitating leadership development, embedding learning into practice and creating networks for problem-solving and sharing good practice

Download the provider development support kit

Download the primary care provider maturity model

Why is this important?

It is increasingly recognised that the traditional model of general practice is unsustainable. New models of care require a wider range of services to be provided out of hospital more efficiently and closer to home. In London, as elsewhere in the UK, GP practices are coming together to work at scale to deliver these services. The recently published GP Forward View recognises the potential benefits of federated working, stating:

“The current shift towards groups of practices working together offers a major opportunity to tackle the frustrations that so many people feel in accessing care in general practice.” (Simon Stevens, General Practice Forward view). Visit the NHS England website to read the full General Practice Forward View. 

There are currently more than 50 federated organisations across London, all at varying stages of maturity. A new set of skills and business competencies are required to establish, run and deliver the benefits of working at scale to member practices and to the communities they serve.