London General Practice Access Guide webinars 2021

Access Improvement Programme Demand and Capacity modular series November – December 2021, delivered by the NHS Time for Care team 

The London Access Guide and Manual provides outlines a whole system approach to access and signposts to an abundance of resources to support local access improvement projects. A webinar series covering each of the chapters was run in Autumn 2021 and the recordings are available on this web page. The slides presented during the webinars are available on the FutureNHS portal.

The General Practice Activity section of the Access Guide covers Demand and Capacity. Healthy London Partnership have worked in partnership with the NHS Time for Care team to deliver a webinar series on Demand and Capacity, further details outlined below:


Webinar I – An introduction to Demand, Capacity and Variation, Tuesday 9th November 2021, 12.30-14.00

  • describe the differences between demand, capacity, and variation
  • recognise the importance of demand and capacity to understand their system to make improvements collect data to measure demand and capacity.


Webinar II – Using Demand and Capacity data to understand , smooth and practically match variation, Tuesday 30th November 2021, 12.30-14.00

  • utilise a three-step approach to help understand, smooth and match variation in demand and capacity
  • use actual data to look for patterns and generate ideas for improvements


Webinar III –  Demand and Capacity from a systems perspective, Tuesday 7th December 2021, 12.30-14.00

  • describe the relationship between need, demand, and capacity and what influences them
  • identify what to consider when designing services around need rather than capacity


Starting from an introductory level and valuable for the whole general practice team, PCN CDs and commissioners, it is expected that delegates who register will attend the full series. To maximise the benefit of the webinar series, it is expected that practices will collect data following webinar I that will be discussed during webinar II.

Register here for this webinar series.


Webinar 1: Introduction to the General Practice Access Guide & an effective access system


Webinar 2: Engaging with patients and communities to develop an access offer that addresses inequalities


Webinar 3: Achieving team happiness and effectiveness through good access


Webinar 4: How to make local services work best for your patients


Webinar 5: The key ingredients for access improvement