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Health and wellbeing of practice staff pilot

Healthy London Partnership together with East London Health and Care Partnership developed a pilot for engaging with practices to improve health and wellbeing with their staff group. Fifty-two practices took part, (with five in-depth case studies), across Waltham Forest, Barking and Dagenham and Redbridge took part. Outcomes were positive, including organisational pledges, individuals stepping up to add value to the practice and practices being receptive to the overall health and wellbeing message. If you would like details on how you could use this for your practice, please contact Healthy London Partnership.

The successes of the pilot included:

  • Practices are receptive to the overall health and wellbeing message
  • Engagement required lead time with each case study, however staff fully motivated to attend and participate
  • Workshops enabled theory to be shared and staff developed their own team plan
  • Staff ambassadors were nominated by practices, individuals were keen to explore how they can add value
  • Leadership teams were fully engaged and look to extend health and wellbeing learning within their practice
  • Leadership teams keen to understand further London Healthy Workplace Charter, as sponsored by the London Mayors office
  • Team members spoke about the impact of team morale both within the practice and outside of the workplace.