Practice tools

The Estates Technology Transformation Fund (ETTF) project aims to increase patient registration for the services and ensuring alignment with the service levels being offered.

Increasing patient online registration guide : This document has been provided by the National Patient Online to assist practices to quickly increase the  number of patients registered for online services to meet the target (31 March 2017) by pre-printing registration documents.

Practice visit checklist: This form is to guide the facilitator while visiting practices throughout the process of delivery of the programme.

Practice tools

These tools have been developed to assist with quick registration processes:

Patient Online Services Management Overview: developed by Kingston CCG and will assist practice managers with verifying patients’ ID, enabling services, proxy issues, GP contractual requirements, hints and tips and more.

Example patient application form: developed by Kingston CCG, as well as an Example-online form for transactional services provided by the National Patient Online programme.

Example system patient registration guides: have been developed by the national Patient Online programme.

Materials for patients

Patient facing promotional materials can be ordered by each practice at no cost.

Go to NHS England’s website for information on how to order materials.

If you are looking to print materials, you can request artwork.  Please contact

THe National Patient Online Team have developed the documents to get practices started.

Visit NHS England’s website for a wide ranges of support materials to help you successfully implement and promote online GP services.

For any queries or comments, please contact the Patient Online team at