Mental Health Dashboard

The London Mental Health Dashboard makes a wide range of London’s mental health data publicly accessible in one place. It has been developed by Healthy London Partnership as a tool for those working to improve the mental health of Londoners. A publicly accessible dashboard demonstrates our commitment to work with partners and Londoners to improve mental health care.

Data is benchmarked by London Boroughs, NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups and Trusts. Local positions are benchmarked against London and national averages. It covers both children’s and adults and shows the progress London is making.

The London Mental Health Transformation Board has overseen development of the dashboard. It is explicitly not a performance management tool, but the dashboard enables local systems to ask informed questions about variation, in the context of their local conditions.

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Data within the Dashboard is updated on a quarterly basis and users can find out about the latest additions at:

We hope the London Mental Health Dashboard is an invaluable tool that helps you transform and improve London’s mental health system. If you wish to learn more about the London Mental Health Dashboard, please contact Victoria Nock at