Transfers of care

We are working to develop the London Health and Care Information Exchange to improve the way information is shared between trusts when a patient is being transferred between hospitals.

At the moment, different IT systems in different trusts across London means that information often can’t be shared and accessed in real time by clinicians when a patient is transferred between hospitals.  The London Health and Care Information Exchange will standardise the repatriation and discharge information that is shared between trusts and enable this information to be transferred automatically between local clinical systems.

Ensuring that clinicians have access to timely, up to date information when a patient is transferred to their hospital will ensure that patients continue to receive high quality care. It will also help ensure patients experience a smooth move between hospitals and free up staff time for direct patient care.

We are working with GPs, nurses, IT and administrative staff across London to understand the information that needs to be shared when a patient’s care is transferred between hospitals.

The project team has initially focused on the clinical pathways for patients who have had a stroke or who are being treated for major trauma, working with a number of trusts across London to standardise the documentation that will be shared via the exchange when patients are transferred.

The project team will look at the clinical pathways for the transfer of care of cardiology and neurology patients later this year.

The London Health and Care Information Exchange aims to join up care providers across London to ensure clinicians have secure access to up to date patient information and records so they can make the best decisions about a patient’s care. Information will only be shared if a patient has given their consent and we want to see each patient having access to an online account where they can view their information and decide which organisations can share it.