Cancer document exchange

We are working with leaders in cancer care to improve how information is shared within local cancer networks and between clinicians across London, using the London Health and Care Information Exchange to do this. 

Improved information sharing using the London Health and Care Information Exchange will mean clinicians have all the up to date information they need, when they need it, leading to shorter waiting times for diagnosis and treatment for cancer patients.

We will be delivering information sharing improvements in phases. Each phase will involve working closely with clinical and administrative teams to ensure we are delivering what the teams need to improve cancer care. The first phase was a testing phase which focused on moving a select set of key (dummy) documents between a small number of health care organisations.

Following the successful delivery of the first phase, we are working with the teams to plan how to deliver increased capabilities to the London Health and Care Information Exchange that will address their challenges. Enabling administrators and clinicians to be able to share additional key cancer documents and receive notifications when information is available is the focus of this next phase.

The London Health and Care Information Exchange aims to join up care providers across London to ensure clinicians have secure access to up to date patient information and records so they can make the best decisions about a patient’s care. Information will only be shared if a patient has given their consent and we want to see each patient having access to an online account where they can view their information and decide which organisations can share it.