Summary of survey responses

Evidence-based interventions included personalised invitations and reminders such as text messaging and calling non-responders

Across the 32 London CCGs:

59 generic interventions to support all screening programmes were reported; all were classified as ‘enablers’.

Pan-London evidence-based interventions consisting of pre-screening text reminders are reported for the breast and cervical screening programmes only.

  • 49 locally planned breast screening interventions were reported, of which 42 (86%) were evidence-based.
  • 46 locally planned cervical screening interventions were reported, of which only 5 CCGs (11%) reported an evidence-based intervention (personalised reminders by text, phone or letter)
  • 78 bowel screening interventions were reported, of which 49 (63%) were evidence-based. All CCGs reported at least one locally planned evidence-based intervention (personalised reminders by phone)

There were no current interventions in West Essex CCG.

Not all reported interventions were ‘active’ at the time of reporting. For 17 (35%) breast, 6 (8%) bowel, 4 (9%) cervical and 8 (14%) generic interventions, the service had not commenced by January 2020.  Information is incomplete as no details were provided about start and end dates for 60 (26%) of all interventions

For 107 (46%) of all interventions, evaluation was planned or in progress. For the remaining 127 (54%), no information about evaluation was provided.

The overall number of interventions reported in a CCG was not associated with screening coverage rate for any of the 3 screening programmes.


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