Lymphoedema: the case for change

Since the publication of TCST’s original guidance in 2016, there has been an increase in the lymphoedema workforce in north east, south east and south west London. In contrast, there has been a decrease in staffing in north central and north west London, with the latter now being identified as a top priority for the development of lymphoedema services.

The revised guidance:

  • provides a high-level overview of lymphoedema and the key strategic challenges;
  • identifies how services are currently commissioned across London, identifying the gaps in services and workforce and outlines where improvements are needed;
  • clearly sets out what a good service looks like, how it can be evaluated and what it could achieve in practice;
  • identifies the key education and training needs for the wider workforce and how these can be addressed;
  • outlines how the Guidance should be implemented and evaluated.