Cancer Prevalence

The 2017 Prevalence Dashboard, created by the Transforming Cancer Services Team partnership with Public Health England, brings together 2017 data and views for CCGs, STPs, Cancer Alliances and the London region on the:

Demographics of those living with a cancer diagnosis (age, sex, ethnicity, socio-economic status, years since diagnosis).
Proportion of people living with subsequent primary cancers – an important measure to monitor as the population ages, and this proportion grows.
Completeness rates comparing cancer registry data with primary care practice registers (QOF).
Forecasted growth of cancer prevalence to 2030, to help with forward planning.

View the interactive dashboard in a new tab here, or click on the dashboard below.

To use the dashboard make it full screen with the icon in the bottom right. To navigate, scroll across and click on the header buttons at the top of the dashboard.

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