COVID-19 Cancer Prehabilitation

Prehabilitation supports people living with cancer to prepare for treatment. It promotes healthy behaviours and prescribes exercise, nutrition and psychological interventions based on a person’s needs, to help them find their best way through. It has a strong evidence base in its effectiveness and helps to tackle health inequalities and is aligned with personalised care agenda in the NHS Long Term Plan and NICE guidance.

Some of London’s cancer prehab services are relatively new and many are receiving short term funding. The challenges of these services are about managing Covid-19 related demand as well as developing a robust business case for the sustainability of the service beyond the pandemic. This document is a COVID-19 recovery planning resource to support prehab workforce, Trusts managers and Cancer Alliance leads to develop their local cancer prehab services.

It outlines:

  • Chapter 1: Guidance to develop a prehab business case including research evidence of the benefit of prehab
  • Chapter 2: Prehab resources including videos, blogs and leaflets
  • Chapter 3: Prehab screening and assessment tools

Download the Covid-19: Cancer Prehabilitation Toolkit

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