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Over 100,000 Londoners take up unique opportunity to boost their wellbeing online

On 10 October 2018, World Mental Health Day, London’s NHS, London boroughs and Public Health England are pleased to announce that Good Thinking – London’s unique digital mental wellbeing service – has supported over 100,000 Londoners who are looking for personalised new ways to improve their mental wellbeing.

Good Thinking launched in November 2017 and developed through a partnership of London boroughs led by Directors of Public Health, London’s NHS and Public Health England. It provides safe, proactive and early intervention tools to Londoners who are experiencing the four most common mental health and wellbeing concerns: depression, stress, sleep, and anxiety.

Good Thinking uses social media and search advertising to reach people who are seeking new ways to improve wellbeing, and directs them to its website where online self-assessment tools enable users to access a wide range of resources personalised to their needs.

Over 120 online resources are signposted to through, including wellbeing information sources; guides to improving mental health; courses on and offline; mobile apps and other therapy approaches suitable for London’s modern, highly-mobile population.

Richard Graham, Consultant Psychiatrist, and Clinical Lead for Good Thinking, said: 

“I’m proud that Londoners have this opportunity to access the latest positive wellbeing techniques and apps. Being stressed, anxious, unable to sleep or feeling down can take a terrible toll on you and your loved ones. With London’s Good Thinking you have a safe way to get advice and can take immediate steps as soon as you are ready.

“Good Thinking helps Londoners find information they can trust and suggestions for what they can do about it, anywhere, at any time of the day or night, to set them on their way towards good mental health. It’s a mental well-being service that is on demand.”

Imran Choudhury, Director of Public Health, London Borough of Sutton, said:

“Good Thinking offers significant immediate online support to Londoners, tailored to their needs. This has been an impressive whole-system partnership. It offers seamless proactive support at a time when people require this day and night.”

Paul Plant, Deputy Director, Public Health England (London), said:

“Good Thinking is an innovative digital solution designed to improve Londoner’s mental health and wellbeing.  This unique online 24-hour service finds people who may be struggling with a range of issues impacting on their mental health and directs them to an extensive range of resources personalised to meet their need.  It is underpinned by insights into people’s behaviour and a rigorous independent evaluation.”

Everyone who lives and works in London is encouraged to visit anytime of the day or night. There they can take advantage of the simple three-question wellbeing check-ups, or more detailed self-assessment tools to find the latest on and offline products and support that can help boost good mental health.

A communications pack for partners to use to promote Good Thinking locally is available in our resources section.

Notes for editors

  • Good Thinking is an NHS approved online mental wellbeing service. It is made possible by funding from London’s boroughs, NHS and Public Health England and supported by Healthy London Partnership.
  • Every day Good Thinking reaches out to Londoners who are stressed, can’t sleep, feeling anxious, or low.
  • Users of good-thinking.ukare anonymous and can choose not to submit personal identifying information.
  • Via self-assessment quizzes on good-thinking.ukusers can access over 120 different online resources. Over 90 are free or have free content. Others have a small charge or can be made available via health insurers. All are reviewed by an NHS Specialist Clinical Psychiatrist for suitability. Many apps have now been approved by Our Mobile Health and are now part of the NHS apps library. They offer a diverse variety of approaches for managing the identified conditions via techniques and technology readily accessible in 2018.
  • Two resources (Sleepio and Be Mindful) have been made completely free to Londoners via Good Thinking.
  • Since its launch in November 2017, Good Thinking has had approx. 145,000 visits (100,810 unique users) across all four conditions (anxiety, sleeplessness, stress and depression). The 3-questions wellbeing filter has been used over 300,000 times.
  • A formal evaluation of Good Thinking is underway by King’s College London – results are expected in Summer 2019.
  • Research and related documentation for Good Thinking is available to download from our resources sections: 
  • Media enquiries contact at Healthy London Partnership’s Press Office.