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Mental Health in Integrated Care Systems 

The London Mental Health in Integrated Care Systems (MHICS) programme is a London-wide programme that strives to make the case for, and to understand the value of, mental health as part of integrated care systems development.

The Long Term Plan requires Integrated Care Systems to be in place by April 2021; the MHICS programme is working to articulate the value of mental health within integrated care systems, so that mental health is represented alongside physical health within emerging Integrated Care Systems. The Five Year Forward View for Mental Health sets out the need for strong leadership and collaborative working between providers and commissioners. This will promote the development and implementation of new payment approaches that are evidence based, support access to care that meets patients’ needs, and deliver outcomes aligned with local population values.

Through the programme, we want to achieve the following:

  • Parity of esteem – we want to have the same level of understanding of mental health as we do with physical health
  • Clinicians to be better informed on the outcomes from the care they provide
  • Commissioning to be based on greater understanding of mental health population needs
  • Good practice examples and resources shared at a pan London and Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) level
  • Increased readiness for mental health in integrated care systems
  • Improved consistency and sustainability, and reduced variation

This programme is sponsored by a Trust Chief Executive (West London Trust) and a Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) Chief Officer (Kingston and Richmond CCG, South West London Senior Responsible Officer) and provides leadership at a London level to ensure providers and commissioners have a collaborative approach to improve mental health service delivery and payment systems.


Follow the link to see some of the programme’s deliverables.

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Further reading

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How DIALOG and DIALOG+ can help support recovery from a mental health illness

This animation is aimed at service users who have a mental health illness. The animations talk about how service users can use DIALOG and DIALOG+ to help support them with their recovery.

DIALOG is a survey that is designed to measure how a person rates their quality of life and experience of the care that they receive. Using DIALOG helps focus discussions on issues that are important to them. It is also intended to be a helpful aid to healthcare professionals supporting service users to use DIALOG/DIALOG+.