Net Zero Travel and Transport

Organisation: NHS England

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We worked with NHS England to establish the first-ever Net Zero Travel and Transport team. We recruited and onboarded the new team and established its culture of brokering innovation, breaking down silos, and connecting stakeholders from disparate sectors who shared aspirations. 

The impact of our work

We wrote the team’s first programme plan and designed and led the programme which led to the real-world testing and unveiling of the world’s first zero-emission ambulance at COP26. We created an integrated governance structure, drafted net zero ambulance vehicle and duty cycle specifications, developed feasibility and innovation competitions and submitted a 5-year CSR bid to transition the NHS fleet to net zero.

Zero-emission ambulances

Tweet from the Greener NHS Programme unveiling the world's first zero emission ambulance at COP26
Greener NHS Tweet
News article about electric ambulances and scrubs made from recycled bottles
Electric ambulance media

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Learn more about zero-emission ambulances in this Greener NHS electric ambulances article. Find out about COP26, which took place in Glasgow in 2021 at the COP26 site.

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