Children in care evidence-based clinical review and practice guide for London

About this guidance

Young people in care face numerous challenges that can have a significant impact on their mental health. Everyone in the system around a child or young person in care has a role and responsibility in recognising, understanding and supporting their mental health and emotional wellbeing needs.

A substantial proportion of this support can be provided by those already known to the child or young person (their caregivers, significant others, and professionals in their wider system), or accessible in wider community settings. However, there may also be times that access to more specialist support is indicated, and equity of access to evidence-based approaches or treatment is critical.

This clinical review and practice guide draws on best available evidence, guidelines, and expert consensus, including the views and insight of care leavers and caregivers.

This clinical review and practice guide was originally developed by colleagues in the NHS South East England Region. With their permission, and in consultation with colleagues in London, we have adapted the content slightly and ensured that the resources referenced are applicable in London.
We encourage all those working with children in care to read this guide as part of the support that you offer to our children.