Online safety resources

Children and young people are spending more time online and using social media then ever before. There are many benefits to being online but it is important to be aware of the risks so you can be online safely and protect your mental health.

This section of the schools mental health toolkit has been created to provide helpful resources and tips that can help young people and those around you to be aware of online risks.

We encourage you to speak to someone – whether that’s a parent, carer. teacher or someone you trust, if anything is worrying you online.

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Advice and resources for children and young people

How Using Social Media Affects TeenagersHow social media can cause anxiety and low self-esteem in teenagers.
Social Media Impact on Young Peoples Mental HealthHow social media affects the mental health of young people.
Centre For Mental HealthImpact of social media on young people’s mental wellbeing.
Mental Health Foundation -Social Media and Young PeopleBlogs by young people sharing their experience of social media – the good and the bad.
Interactive film highlighting danger of Grooming on Social MediaChloe’s Story’ highlights the risk of grooming on social media. This interactive film invites viewers to make choices on behalf of Chloe and to inform them of their possible outcomes.
Nexus: The Power of ConnectionsTrigger warning: contains scenes depicting eating disorders (Bulimia Nervosa).Nexus is a short film drama about the impact of COVID-19 on young people’s mental health, eating-related coping strategies, and the power of social connection. It was informed by research from Imperial College London conducted during the COVID-19 pandemic on young people’s mental health. The film was co-produced with young people with lived experience, researchers, clinicians and film makers. The young people were involved in all stages of production.