NHS England: framework to provide consistent key worker provision for people living with dementia

Dementia is one of the biggest health and social care challenges facing London today. There are over 72,000 people living with dementia across our city, and this number is set to more than triple within the next 40 years. The support available to those living with dementia varies greatly depending upon whereabouts in the city a person lives. Poor service provision can lead to increased social isolation and stripping people of their independence at a time when they are already facing probably the biggest health challenge of their lives.

Our programme is working to scope the services available to support people to live well with dementia in the longer-term, identifying areas of concern and areas for improvement. We’re working with service providers to co-produce guidance on place-based key worker services to support patients, their families and carers in living and dying well with dementia as well as piloting an enhanced care pathway to improve service delivery across London.