In 2021, the London Health and Care Partnership, supported by London-based social enterprise PPL, set out to build a shared approach to delivering better co-ordinated, person and community-centred care for all.

The 5Ps Framework was work built using national and local evidence and experiences both prior to and since the Covid-19 pandemic. It encompasses the importance of shared Purpose, Priorities, Place, Pounds and Providers – underpinned by the sixth “P” of People, in delivering better integrated health and care to communities across London.

In 2022, we have focused on how, as systems and places in London, we can support each other to put the 5Ps framework into action. inPlace builds on the framework by taking each element and focusing on practical tools to help local areas and partnerships to understand and accelerate existing progress.

inPlace helps to steer conversations around service integration to address questions such as “How can we?” and “By when?”. Reflecting on how we work, what we have achieved, what we can share and what we can learn from one another. It is about taking the lead in each of our local journeys to better integration.

inPlace: from “why can’t we?” to “how can we?”