Collaboration through inPlace

Central to both London’s 5Ps Framework and inPLACE is the sixth P; People.

Want to understand different perspectives on integration in your local area?  Why not ask a partner organisation if you can shadow them for a day or vice versa?

5 steps to build consensus and enable action

  1. Ensure people have sufficient time to respond to the survey and to reflect on the overall results. Consider who will collate the results and how best to share them. It is important to recognise that responses will reflect how people felt on that particular day. It is not an absolute measure of progress and people will respond in a way that is personal to them and reflective of their individual experience.
  2. Consider how you will support and structure discussion. It is important to provide a space where people feel comfortable discussing the initial outputs. It may be that working in smaller groups first, and then coming together in plenary, allows for the best conversations. It is important to ensure that those groups are reflective of the diversity of your partnership as a whole.
  3. At the end of the workshop, try to produce a single Star Chart for the partnership. Where people have shifted their views or consensus has been achieved, then this should be noted. Where disagreements remain, these should also be recorded and not “papered over”.
  4. Agree on what needs to happen next, and who is responsible for each action. Where there are areas identified which may be holding the partnership back, how will these be addressed? Where opportunities exist, who will be accountable for taking these forward?
  5. Communicate. Nothing has been agreed and little will change if the outcomes of the discussions stay inside of the room. Be clear collectively on what needs to be shared, with whom and by whom. Consider how those who have not been a direct part of the discussion will be engaged with as a key next step.